programs in public schools around the greater new orleans area

The Crown and Shield Foundation hosts day programs in many different schools around New Orleans. 

Each program is tailored to the class: the educational theme is relevant to the current curriculum and the moral component is determined by what the students need. We do this by discussing our program with the teacher about a week before our scheduled visit. 

Some of the art forms that we have used in the classrooms are song writing and recording, story writing, still photography, and film production.

Please contact us if you would like us to schedule a visit in your classroom!



As its national level debut project, The Crown and Shield Foundation is producing a New York Times best-selling novel into a feature film.

Author Lee Smith

The last girls

The Last Girls, by Lee Smith, is the story of best girlfriends, who take a Huckleberry-Finn style raft trip on the Mississippi River a thousand miles to New Orleans. Because of a tragic accident forty years later, four of them find themselves together on a reunion voyage accompanied by a cast of characters. During their week on the River, the Girls, now women, revisit their pasts and reconcile old friendships. At last, they learn to love the mistakes, the heartaches, and all the twists and turns of their journeys thus far.

Educational theme

  • The contribution of the Mississippi River and the Wetlands to the beauty, safety, and economy of our country. 

moral component 

  • The value of relationships and the importance of forgiveness.